3/11:The Fallout

3/11:The Fallout
Just what the heck is going on?

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Here Comes The Rain Again

Yes, we're still shoveling it!

The latest round-up of things you should know about, even if you don't want to.

Over 30% of children affected by the 3/11 triple disaster are still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and there is a chronic shortage of counseling facilities.


The amount of deaths - suicide, stress etc. - in the 3 years after the 3/11 disaster are now higher than the immediate death rate of the tsunami.

Stress deaths top 3/11 toll

Japan's government agencies are still incompetent and afraid of responsibility.

Weather agency too slow in issuing blizzard alert 

Historical Revisionist Prime Minister Abe's Fascist boot boys are on the march - and getting bolder.

Hundreds of copies of 'Anne Frank's Dairy' vandalized 

Although Abe's trying to wipe Japan's war crimes from the collective Japanese memory, others are making sure that they are never forgotten.

Americans protest over Japan's 'Korean comfort women' comments.  

Now that we're three years on from 3/11, it seems the Japanese are quite happy to forget it and get back to thinking about trivial, mindless shit.

Tohoku mayor sees sense of crisis waning

Feeling helpless? Angry? Then buy a copy of this.

3/11 The Fallout - hoping the Tohoku homeless. 

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