3/11:The Fallout

3/11:The Fallout
Just what the heck is going on?

Monday, 17 February 2014

What Difference Does It Make?

Still here, and fighting personal, financial and health problems to bring you news from the disaster zone.

Almost three years after 3/11, official government disaster plans are still the same clueless bureaucratic bullshit.

No plan best plan for Kansai nuclear disaster 

Who exactly is cleaning up the radioactive debris in the destroyed Fukushima plant? Untrained, uninsured, homeless people press-ganged by the construction industry's Yakuza buddies, that's who.

Doing the dirty work

Regarding Prime Minister Abe's new secrecy law; NHK's new Chairman is an Abe-approved historical revisionist, so don't expect anything in the way of truth if you tune in to Japan's government-sponsored TV network.

New NHK Boss ignites political firestorm 

Feeling frustrated? Feeling scared? There is a way you can support the suffering families and give yourself a sense of direction …

 and it's here. 

But what difference does it make? 

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