3/11:The Fallout

3/11:The Fallout
Just what the heck is going on?

Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013: Undercover

Good morning. It is customary at the end of December for 3/11: The Fallout to give a review of the year - but this time, we think that the links will do, and further explanations are unnecessary.

America's west coast and marine life contaminated by Fukushima radiation 

We should warn you that this entry has been written by a gentleman who runs a blog called "The Economic Collapse Blog", which will give you some idea of the contents.
Don't forget to read the comments after the article.

Cases of Thyroid Cancer surge amongst Fukushima children 

How many American servicemen and women are suffering from radiation-related illness? The controversy continues here. 

Levels of contamination in northern forests are increasing, spread by rain. 

TEPCO Fukushima clean-up an 'incompetent comedy of errors,' according to Japan-based author, Alex Kerr. 

What we are seeing here is a fight between assumption-based logic and fact-based logic, and the Japanese government will do their best to conceal the facts and persecute anyone who asks questions.

See you in 2014.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Free! Nelson Mandela (1918 - 2013)

As the world mourns the passing of a giant, there are some facts to be considered.

1) The next Nelson Mandela will not be born in Japan. The Ministry of Education is doing an extremely good job of indoctrinating youth in the most valuable element of Japanese society; not honesty, not compassion, but conformity. The nation is full of teenagers who answer comprehension questions in their English language textbooks on Mandela, and Mahatma Ghandi, and Martin Luther King, and they have absolutely no understanding of the values that those individuals represent.

2) Nelson Mandela's legacy includes violence as well as nonviolence. In the Fifties, in his famous "No Easy Walk to Freedom" speech, he rejected the ANC's policy of non-violent protests and strikes. In the early Sixties, after the Sharpetown massacre, Mandela set up the armed militant wing of the ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation).
So when Shinzo Abe's bully boys stop you on the street and knock on your door and ask for your gaijin card, should we respond with violence?
What would Nelson say?

3) If Japan cannot produce a social reformer fit to be compared with Mandela, how will reform occur? The answer is, the Government want to make sure that change does not occur, because they want everyone to stay in their places, keep fiddling with their smartphones, shut up and do nothing. The link below will take you to an excellent article by Michael Hoffman in today's Japan Times. In it, he mentions one proverb from the late Tokugawa period, circa 1800 -1850;

"Peasants are like sesame seeds. The harder you squeeze them, the more they give."

Yes, that really sums up what Prime Minister Abe thinks about you.

Michael Hoffman's article here

4) Hoffman's article also mentions the undeniable fact that because of the traditionally fierce protection of the status quo, every major social change in Japan has come from outside. The feudal period was brought to an end by Commodore Perry and the Black Ships. The Fascist period was brought to an end by Franklin D Roosevelt, Enola Gay, and General MacArthur, among others. Who will be the next force to wade into Japan and kick Abe to the curb?

The Chinese?

The Koreans?

Could it be you?

We are Excalibur. You will hear from us again soon.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Every Breath You Take

Last week the new Secrecy Act was forcibly passed through the Japanese Parliament, with the ruling party working to avoid discussion or cross-examination. This means that you will not be allowed to obtain information on whether Tokyo's rising radiation levels present a risk to your health.

More commentary here. 

How long will it be until blogs like this one are shut down by the government?

When are you going to make your voice heard?

For more information, a copy of 3/11: The Fallout is available here. All proceeds will go to the suffering, neglected families of the meltdown and tsunami in Tohoku.

Do you still think there's nothing you can do about it?

Monday, 25 November 2013

Official Secrets

You're probably reading this because of the links on Facebook and Twitter (if not, the introduction/explanation is below, in 'Forbidden Colors').  If you're worried or angry about what 's happening around you, you might think - "Sure, but what can I do about it? I feel so helpless. I live in Japan and if I speak out too much about this, I might lose my job."

Yes, we know that. "Gaijin" in Japan are supposed to behave like friendly, bumbling tourist stereotypes. The Japanese line up the hoops and then expect us to jump though them like good little lapdogs. Well, consider this; you can become fluent in japanese, you can work hard, do your best, cultivate good friendships, but at the end of the day, you will STILL have your job taken away when you have outlived your usefulness, because you are an outsider and you always will be. Don't kid yourself that you have integrated yourself into society, becuase you haven't.  

Therefore, if you have want to stop feeling helpless and afraid, Excalibur has three recomendations;

1) If you're a Gaijin resident in Japan, begin your individual campaign of civil disobedience. Refuse to pay your local tax, refuse to pay your electricity bill, refuse to cooperate with police officers or government officials, if necessary refuse to speak the local language. If you can't refuse, try to make as much disruption and inconvenience as you can while engaging with bureaucracy. You might think you have too much to lose by becoming a troublemaker  - really, you haven't.

2)  If you're a foreign national planning to come to Japan to live, work or study, please reconsider your decision. Perhaps you don't know what you're letting yourself in for. Perhaps you think you know how this country works; you're mistaken. 

3)  If you're young, Japanese, and reading this, consider studying or working abroad. Start making your arrangements to leave, and start choosing a destination that's right for you. This is not a country for young people.

4) Lastly, please buy a copy of "3/11: The Fallout". The link to Amazon is here. This book offers practical advice on what to do if you find yourself in the middle of a natural disaster, and raises funds for the homeless families in Tohoku (yes, that's right. They're still homeless. This is Japan, and nobody wants to take responsibilty for rehousing them - what else did you expect?)

You can choose to ignore this post, to laugh at it, to leave comments below or not, to buy the book or not. The choice is yours. It always has been.

We are Excalibur. You will hear from us again soon.

Forbidden Colors

On 25th November 1970, right-wing novelist Yukio Mishima was the last person to commit the ritual samurai suicide known as 'Seppuku'. He drove into the SDF army garrison at Ichigaya, Tokyo with his gang of private bodyguards (known as the Shield Society), took the commanding officer hostage, and called on the troops present to overthrow the government and return Japan to 'traditional discipline and values'.
Mishima's attempted coup failed, but forty-three years later, we have a similar situation - less dramatic, but infinitely more dangerous.

This week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is rushing new State Secrecy legislation through  the Lower House with no referendum, no public debate, and hardly any press coverage. It will give the government further powers to arrest and imprison anyone who disagrees with what the Government is trying to do.
Most of the bill's contents are preoccupied with the security of the nuclear power industry, because a) Abe wants to switch the atomic plants back on as quickly as possible and b) he wants the power to eliminate whistle blowers who try to warn the public of existing safety problems.
Why the big hurry to restart the nuclear program, while the Fukushima plant is still in such a fragile condition?
Because Japan has almost no fossil fuels of its own. It has deliberately neglected research into renewable energy sources because it's been in bed with the nuclear lobbyists for decades. Since 3/11. Japan has been importing energy, which has inceased its trade deficit (it has the world's largest national debt at one quadrillion yen - that's USD 10.5 trillion). This is crippling Abe's attempts at economic revival. In a situation like this, any country has two choices; generate the power at home (nuclear power being the only option) or go and get the reserves from elsewhere. 
This second choice has caused the current territorial dispute with China concerning the uninhabited Senkaku Islands and the oil and gas reserves said to lie beneath them. On 22nd November, China announced an "air defense identification zone" covering the disputed islands, bringing Japan and China one step closer to armed conflict.
In the current Parliamentary sessions, Abe is overtly attacking three pillars of Japanese democracy: the 1946 Constitution which renounces war, the education law which puts a curb on nationalism, and the security treaty with the United States. Two of his allies are the Shinto Association of Political Leadership, and the Shinto Political Alliance Diet Members’ Association, which are determined to restore “traditional Japanese spiritual values.”
By “traditional Shinto”, of course, they mean the early 20th Century.  If we go back a couple of thousand years to the origins of Shinto, we find it was an animist, nature-based faith similar to Celtic Paganism. Shinto taught every material thing, every tree, every stone, every river, held a spark of the divine (a Kamisama) and the lives of human beings were linked to the earth by a system of festivals and ceremonies. The emphasis on the Emperor as religious and military head of state was only added recently, after the Meiji Restoration of 1868. 
 Now fast-forward to 2013, and ‘nature’ is as stunted as a bonsai tree, and rural Japan is covered from coast to coast by concrete roads and dams, overhead power lines, electrical pylons, and decaying farm buildings, creating one of the ugliest-looking countries in the world.
This rapid slide from conservatism to fascism was triggered by 3/11. It didn't start it, but it sure did accelerate it. Nobody can predict how such 3/11-style 'Black Swan' events (as they are called by economists) will affect the world in the future. The Philippines has suffered one of the most tragic and devastating typhoons in global history. The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy is a very real problem for many New Yorkers, one year on. Japan’s own coast has been hit by fatal storm surges in the past (which are separate from tsunamis), the last one being at Ise Bay in 1959. There is a very real possibility that you, the person reading this, will be caught up in a natural disaster at some point in the future - and then you'll find out whether the Government can help you or not.

If you're fine with that, or if you think Japan is such an insignificant nation that it doesn't matter what it gets up to, then stop reading now. If what you've read makes you concerned, or worried, then read the next blog post - titled "Official Secrets".  

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fields of Fire

Do not be discouraged or deceived; Excalibur is still here. It has been increasingly difficult to continue the blog, and to be honest, we do not know how long we can keep going. Rest assured, however, we shall continue blogging when we can … until the end (whatever shape that end will take).

The eyes of the world this week is on the removal of the fuel rods. Due to international pressure, and Japan's grudging realization of the reality that they cannot do this on their own, the plant clean-up has become a global operation with foreign experts and equipment. This does not change the fact, however, that the removal of the fuel rods is going to be a logistical nightmare.

Fuel rod removal starts 

The situation of the Japanese government is that they are determined to resume nuclear power, and environment-destroying construction projects, because they believe it is the only way to save the economy. Most Japanese know deep in their hearts that this is  self-destructive path to take, but they are powerless to stop their own rulers, and so they adopt the feudal attitude of "follow the leader" because it is the path of least resistance. After all, if you simply do what your superior tells you to do, you don't have the burden of responsibility. PM Abe is keen to encourage this attitude when he revises the Constitution, because one of the changes he intends to make is to remove any mentions of civil rights.

 Conspicuous among its proposals is the deletion of almost all references to the universality of freedom, equality and human rights. 

Having said that, the Abe steamroller is not succeeding in crushing everything in its path. Some very high-profile celebrities have stood up and denounced the rush to switch the nuclear power plants back on. One of them is no less than Junichiro Koizumi, the most charismatic ex-Prime Minister in recent history.

Koizumi Vs. the Nuclear Village 

Also, a storm of publicity blew up when a junior politician took the unthinkable and unprecedented step of approaching the Emperor of japan and handing him a letter, which said something like "Dear Emperor, we're kind of worried about radioactive contamination. Maybe we could use a bit of help."

Letter to Emperor cause uproar

More news when  we get it.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Everything Counts

PIC: See 'hospital fire' below.

Here at Excalibur, we have often been asked about "the Japanese way of doing things" and all the mystery surrounding it. Our answer is - when the national and economic circumstances  are going well, then the "Japanese way" works very well - for the Japanese.

The problems start when the economy is NOT going well, namely the last 25 years, and when outsiders try to get involved and help out. This is a handy guide to the Japanese way of handling emergencies, and the Japanese way of coping with problems.

1) Keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Abe hopes to repeat construction boom of 1964 Olympics

2) Keep saying the same things over and over again, louder and louder.

Tokyo authorities and IOC grilled on safety concerns by press

3) Blame the foreigners who are trying to point out the mistakes.

Woodford the whistle blower

4) If all else fails, just ignore the problem and do nothing! This is a handy catch-all method that works for police -

Japanese police fail to detain stalker; girl dies

medical authorities -

head doctors ignore safety concerns at hospital; ten patients die in fire

and local governments -

authorities fail to issue typhoon evacuation warning; 22 people die; dozens missing

And that was just in the last ten days! The Japanese have been carrying on like this FOR DECADES - because here, Status Quo is God, right?

Oh yes, and did we mention that the groundwater radiation levels at the destroyed Fukushima plant are going off the scale?

Radiation levels soaring

But the Prime Minister says there's nothing to worry about, the 2020 Olympics is safe and Japan is on the way to being a 'strong country' again. So you don't need to worry, right? You don't need to get involved. You don't need to buy this book.

3/11: The Fallout: a handbook for personal survival - raising funds for Fukushima charities 

So in the spirit of intercultural communication and to show off the Japanese proficiency in English, here's the latest cutie-pie character which they're so keen on, the new mascot for Fukushima Industries (no relation). Say hello to FUKUPPY.

My name is Winston Saint and I couldn't make this shit up even if I tried.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Construction Time Again

As the Propaganda Machine gears up for Tokyo 2020, Excalibur presents the latest 3/11-related news.

The day after Prime Minister stridently and aggressively stated that there was no danger from the radioactive water constantly leaking from the destroyed Fukushima rector, one of the Chairmen of TEPCO accused him of lying.


On Prime Minister Abe's official "man of action" visit to the reactor to show the media how serious he was, TEPCO couldn't even spell the name on his radiation suit correctly.


Nevertheless, the Olympic hype has begone, and Japan's mainstream media is out to silence anyone who speaks out against the "Unique and Beautiful Japan" dogma.


Japan's weather patterns become more and more erratic every year ...


Finally, Excalibur salutes the timely reprints of Taisho/Showa period author Takiji Kobayashi ... leader of Japan's substantial prewar Anarchist movement, tortured and beaten to death by the Government in 1933. Welcome to Japan.


If any of this makes you feel like getting up and doing something, then check out this book; you can register your disapproval and make a contribution to the homeless families of Tohoku at the same time.

This is Winston Saint.

3/11: The Fallout - available on Amazon 

Thank you.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

3/11/11 - 9/11/13

                                    "Hey, let's put the Olympic stadium over there!"

Dear Prime Minister Abe,

You must be feeling pretty happy right now after Tokyo has been confirmed as the host city for the 2020 Olympics. You convinced the IOC that Tokyo would be safe from any radioactive contamination from the ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima. You also stated that the tsunami-stricken communities in Tohoku, with industries shattered and thousands of families still homeless, would benefit from the economic boost and regional Olympic-related events.

Unfortunately, we don't believe you.

The last two and a half years, since 3/11/11, has been a long procession of lies, corruption, deceit, and unbelievable incompetence. We have no reason to believe that the next seven years will be any different. We expect more bungling, more broken promises, and more cover-ups from a mainstream media that you hold in the palm of your white-gloved hand.

We believe that you, PM Abe, intend to use the 2020 Olympics as an excuse to promote your Disneyland fantasy version of Japan on the international stage. A deluded dream where all the women are cute, childish and helpless, all the food is healthy and delicious, and all the men are salarymen samurai who shout "Banzai!" and "Ganbare Nihon!" without question. Your "Unique" and "Beautiful" Japan is the last bastion of racial purity, where the ethnic Japanese groups of Ainu, Okinawans, Zainichi Koreans, Ethnic Chinese, Eta, Burakumin, and permanent resident gaijin have been eliminated from the national consciousness.

Well, guess what? We're calling you out. We are not going to play your game. We are not going to obey your rules, or speak your language, or pay your taxes. We refuse to integrate ourselves into your society; we will create our own.

We refuse to leave Japan. This is our home, and we are prepared to defend it, against both natural disasters and lying, cheating bureaucrats. We are here until we die and we will spend the rest of our lives making trouble for you until the government collapses, or we all die of radiation poisoning, or Tokyo is wiped out by a seismic event similar to the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake. 

We refuse to take part in a game where everyone cheats. We are Excalibur. My name is Winston Saint.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Long Hot Summer

Sep 1st, 1923. Exactly 90 years ago, the Great Kanto Earthquake wiped out Japan's capital city.

Sep 1st, 2013. The Great Fukushima Foul-Up is wiping out Japan's credibility as a civilized nation.

Every Sep 1st, across Japan, citizens practice emergency drills to prepare for natural disasters. The Government wants you to remember ...

..  but. of course,  there are some things the Government wants you to forget.

Yokohama recalls texts describing 1923 massacre of Koreans after Kanto earthquake

This is Winston Saint.

Buy copies of 3/11: The Fallout here. 

Thank you.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Our Lips Are Sealed

This is Winston Saint, with the latest news from the Danger Zone.

TEPCO's press releases are getting more and more desperate, as they admit that don't know how to stop the stream of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean from becoming worse. Most people in Japan realize they are hiding the truth of how bad the situation is. There is also a firm acceptance that they will not ask for foreign assistance (i.e. from people who actually know what they're doing) until it's far too late.

TEPCO unable to stop water flow

Water flow worsening

Does it really matter? Here are some responses from various internet forums. Of course, this being the Internet ... who can you believe?

"How much water is 300 tons? 300,000 liters. Still sounds like a lot. Let's continue.The typical Olympic-sized swimming pool contains 2,500,000 liters of water. Thus, the daily leakage is equivalent to one-eighth that of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. That's not too bad.
If we assume the rate of flow has been constant, then the total of amount of water which has flown into the Pacific Ocean amounts to 0.000000000492% of the total volume of the Ocean. If the rate of flow continues unabated, it would take 5 trillion years to fill the Pacific Ocean with radioactive water. That is more than 338 times the presently known age of the entire universe. Okay, that's a ridiculously small amount.
To make matters even more awesome, Cs-134 has a half-life of 2 years, Cs-137 has a half-life of 30 years and Sr-90 has a half-life of 29 years. It'll all long dissipate before it can fill the Pacific Ocean.
OMG! We're all going to live!"

As long as the Japanese people allow crooks to run their economy and the governing of the country on all levels they put their fate in the hands of criminals with no conscience and only a desire for personal gains. It leaves the country in ruins and exposes the Japanese as suicide-terrorists against themselves.
It is not easy for westerners to understand e.g. suicide-terrorists, but the ignorance of Japanese in general regarding self-destruction are beyond comprehension.
I stopped eating Japanese (sea)food which I liked very much, but the Japanese have no such choice.

What can we do about it? Can we do anything about it? This is what Excalibur has been asking you for eighteen months. What does personal responsibility really mean? Take a look at these links below.

Personal responsibility link one 

Personal responsibility link two

Despite what you might think, one person CAN actually make a difference. If you want to know more about exactly what our "point"is, then ask a question and leave a comment, and check out this book.

3/11: the Fallout: Helping the communities of Tohoku.