3/11:The Fallout

3/11:The Fallout
Just what the heck is going on?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

3/11/2014: Two Tribes

After Japan's triple disaster on March 11th 2011, the nation was faced with a choice. It could heal the suffering of those made homeless by the tsunami and nuclear meltdown, turn away from nuclear power, and become a model of renewable energy-efficency to the western world; or it could ignore international opinion and cover up the mistakes that led to the Fukushima plant's destruction, delay and obstruct the reconstruction of the stricken communities of Tohoku, restart the wasteful and incompetently run nuclear industry with the same people in charge, and persecute any citizen who disagreed with the government's decisions.
      Now we all know which path Japan chose to take.
      So three years on, "3/11: The Fallout" announces its manifesto for anyone who's interested in what's happening in this country.
      1) If you are a 'gaijin' living in Japan, take part in our campaign of civil disobedience. You don't have to join any group; it's just about taking responsibility, doing the right thing and saying 'no'. We are referring here specifically to the individual models who played racist stereotypes in the ANA and Coco Juku advertising campaigns. They could have said 'no thank you', but instead they chose to take the paycheck and run, and the result was a massive setback for racial equality in Japan. Now if  you're reading this, and thinking - "But I can't make trouble! I'll lose my job!"  - well, here's some news for you. You might speak Japanese fluently, carefully observe the etiquette, jump though the hoops when they tell you to jump, but you will still lose your job because ultimately, you are not Japanese. You will never be part of this society, so don't kid yourself. You will be disposed of when you have outlived your usefulness.

      2) If you are thinking of coming to Japan, for travel or for work, please reconsider. Please choose another destination. Your tourist dollars will prop up a senile, racist regime, and be used to perpetuate the myth of "unique Japanese culture".
      3) If you are young and Japanese, consider leaving the country as soon as possible. A national health catastrophe is in the making because the government is determined to supress the facts about the spread of radioactive contamination. Either find a study abroad program or a job with a non-Japanese company; but leave any way you can. This is not a country for young people.
      Think we're being crazy? Stupid? Wasting our time? We are only following the examples of those we look up to; namely - Mohandas Ghandhi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Nelson Mandela.The supreme irony is that Japanese high school students are required to write composition papers on some of those individuals - and yet they have absolutely no conception of the ideals they represented.
       So Prime Minister Abe, in the spirit of Jean-Paul Sartre and Malcolm X, we are going to teach you the meaning of the English phrase 'by any means necessary'.  This is the last promoted post. Our blog will no longer be updated because we already know what's going to happen. We are taking our fight off the Internet, and onto the streets. We are the Fallout.
      You will hear from us again. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Here Comes The Rain Again

Yes, we're still shoveling it!

The latest round-up of things you should know about, even if you don't want to.

Over 30% of children affected by the 3/11 triple disaster are still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and there is a chronic shortage of counseling facilities.


The amount of deaths - suicide, stress etc. - in the 3 years after the 3/11 disaster are now higher than the immediate death rate of the tsunami.

Stress deaths top 3/11 toll

Japan's government agencies are still incompetent and afraid of responsibility.

Weather agency too slow in issuing blizzard alert 

Historical Revisionist Prime Minister Abe's Fascist boot boys are on the march - and getting bolder.

Hundreds of copies of 'Anne Frank's Dairy' vandalized 

Although Abe's trying to wipe Japan's war crimes from the collective Japanese memory, others are making sure that they are never forgotten.

Americans protest over Japan's 'Korean comfort women' comments.  

Now that we're three years on from 3/11, it seems the Japanese are quite happy to forget it and get back to thinking about trivial, mindless shit.

Tohoku mayor sees sense of crisis waning

Feeling helpless? Angry? Then buy a copy of this.

3/11 The Fallout - hoping the Tohoku homeless. 

Monday, 17 February 2014

What Difference Does It Make?

Still here, and fighting personal, financial and health problems to bring you news from the disaster zone.

Almost three years after 3/11, official government disaster plans are still the same clueless bureaucratic bullshit.

No plan best plan for Kansai nuclear disaster 

Who exactly is cleaning up the radioactive debris in the destroyed Fukushima plant? Untrained, uninsured, homeless people press-ganged by the construction industry's Yakuza buddies, that's who.

Doing the dirty work

Regarding Prime Minister Abe's new secrecy law; NHK's new Chairman is an Abe-approved historical revisionist, so don't expect anything in the way of truth if you tune in to Japan's government-sponsored TV network.

New NHK Boss ignites political firestorm 

Feeling frustrated? Feeling scared? There is a way you can support the suffering families and give yourself a sense of direction …

 and it's here. 

But what difference does it make? 

Friday, 10 January 2014

2014: Welcome to the Pleasuredome

      Why is Prime Minister Abe so intent on antagonizing the Chinese and Koreans with his visits to the Yasakuni Shrine? Why is it currently unsafe to eat seafood along the west coast of the USA? Which parts of the USA have experienced snowfalls with abnormally high levels of radiation? Where exactly did the liquified nuclear fuel go after the Fukushima meltdown? What is a 'hydrovolcanic explosion'?
      These and other questions will not be answered in 2014, if the Japanese government has its way. 
      The new Secrecy Law means that the incompetent, cack-handed methods of Japan's nuclear industry will continue without change. The only difference is that the nuclear lobbyists will be more aggressive about people who ask questions or criticize their judgment.
      That means if you are worried about the consequences of the botched Fukushima clean-up, or if you support investment in renewable energy resouces, or if you are concerned about future health problems resulting from radioactive contamination, you now have a target on your back.
      The Japanese government is commencing a news media blackout so that when the inevitable health problems arise, it will be able to avoid responsibilty. The Japanese public has given up protesting, because they know it's pointless; since the establishment of the military government at the beginning of the Edo period, the purpose of government is to keep the ruling class in power, and the purpose of the samurai/salaryman/housewife is to follow orders without question.
Nothing has changed that. A lot has been said about the samurai philosophy of 'never give up'; in practical terms, this translates to - 'Keep doing the same thing again and again. If anyone has different points of view, ignore them or bully them until they leave Japan.'
      There is speculation that the government does not actually intend to go through with the 2020 Olympics, because in six years time Japan - as a nation - will not exist in its current form. It was only meant as a short-term propaganda coup.  Secret plans are being made, doors are being closed, curtains are being drawn. Journalists such as Jeff Kingston and Jake Adelstein are referrring to this as the beginning of Japan's 'New Dark Age'.
       So what does this mean to foreigners living in Japan, or independent-minded Japanese nationals? Feeling worried yet? Helpless? Angry? What can you do?
       There are two things you can do.  
1) If this has motivated you to help, then consider investing in a copy of the book on the link below. It's a practical guide to disasters both natural and man-made, and the proceeds are going to Tohoku charities.
2) Wait for further instructions, to be issued on March 11th 2014.
      This is The Fallout.
      You will hear from us again soon.