3/11:The Fallout

3/11:The Fallout
Just what the heck is going on?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

One day a rain will come and wash these streets clean

Kind of old news now, but shoppers in busy, uptown Shibuya were shocked when dozens of V-mask-wearing Anonymous hackers swooped down on to the main plaza and ruthlessly ... picked up litter, swept the ground and generally tidied up the place a bit. And then vanished into the big city. Respect.  

Full details here.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Unprecedented News from Japan!

The largest protest rally in Japanese history took place on July 16th (a national holiday), with over 100,000 campaigning against nuclear power and the restart of the nation's reactors. The point that many speakers made was not that nuclear power was morally wrong as such, but the country's atomic energy program is in the hands of corrupt and incompetent bureaucrats. On the same day as the protest, an alarm system was triggered as the Oi reactor was restarted, and a new fault line was detected beneath the Shika reactor. ON THE SAME DAY.
Enough is enough.