3/11:The Fallout

3/11:The Fallout
Just what the heck is going on?

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Our Lips Are Sealed

This is Winston Saint, with the latest news from the Danger Zone.

TEPCO's press releases are getting more and more desperate, as they admit that don't know how to stop the stream of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean from becoming worse. Most people in Japan realize they are hiding the truth of how bad the situation is. There is also a firm acceptance that they will not ask for foreign assistance (i.e. from people who actually know what they're doing) until it's far too late.

TEPCO unable to stop water flow

Water flow worsening

Does it really matter? Here are some responses from various internet forums. Of course, this being the Internet ... who can you believe?

"How much water is 300 tons? 300,000 liters. Still sounds like a lot. Let's continue.The typical Olympic-sized swimming pool contains 2,500,000 liters of water. Thus, the daily leakage is equivalent to one-eighth that of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. That's not too bad.
If we assume the rate of flow has been constant, then the total of amount of water which has flown into the Pacific Ocean amounts to 0.000000000492% of the total volume of the Ocean. If the rate of flow continues unabated, it would take 5 trillion years to fill the Pacific Ocean with radioactive water. That is more than 338 times the presently known age of the entire universe. Okay, that's a ridiculously small amount.
To make matters even more awesome, Cs-134 has a half-life of 2 years, Cs-137 has a half-life of 30 years and Sr-90 has a half-life of 29 years. It'll all long dissipate before it can fill the Pacific Ocean.
OMG! We're all going to live!"

As long as the Japanese people allow crooks to run their economy and the governing of the country on all levels they put their fate in the hands of criminals with no conscience and only a desire for personal gains. It leaves the country in ruins and exposes the Japanese as suicide-terrorists against themselves.
It is not easy for westerners to understand e.g. suicide-terrorists, but the ignorance of Japanese in general regarding self-destruction are beyond comprehension.
I stopped eating Japanese (sea)food which I liked very much, but the Japanese have no such choice.

What can we do about it? Can we do anything about it? This is what Excalibur has been asking you for eighteen months. What does personal responsibility really mean? Take a look at these links below.

Personal responsibility link one 

Personal responsibility link two

Despite what you might think, one person CAN actually make a difference. If you want to know more about exactly what our "point"is, then ask a question and leave a comment, and check out this book.

3/11: the Fallout: Helping the communities of Tohoku. 

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