3/11:The Fallout

3/11:The Fallout
Just what the heck is going on?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ain't Gonna Work on Maggie's Farm No More

So we've had the "Witch is Dead"party in Trafalgar Square, now we're building up to the funeral on Wednesday - a funeral that will bring back memories of Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, J G Ballard, William Burroughs. The media are issuing reports that 'anarchists' will try to disrupt the funeral.

Anarchists? Really? 

My name is Winston Saint, and if you truly want to know what anarchism is, you need to talk to me. Use the comment box below or send me a mail on excaliburbooks@gmail.com.

Members of Excalibur will be attending the funeral. Watch this space. 

You also need to read these books -

"A Paradise Built in Hell", by Rebecca Solnit

"Ontological Anarchy" by Hakim Bey

"3/11: The Fallout" by Patrick Fox

In Japan-related news, the nation has been rattled by another major quake, this time in Kobe;

We have also had our own version of trade unionists on the streets, as the old vested interests keep trying to resist change of any kind. The main Japanese religion is not Shinto, or Buddhism; it is the worship of the Status Quo.

And finally, here's a nice note to end on; TEPCO admitted they have no idea how to stop the leakage of radioactive water out of the holding tanks and into the ground and water table beneath the destroyed Fukushima plant. I love nuclear power!

"Wild Boys, running amok through Ballardian landscapes of burning buildings and overturned cars. Riot cops, with flames reflected in the plastic visors covering their faces, standing guard in front of the steel and glass of the half-finished Olympic Park ..."

- Patrick Fox, "3/11: The Fallout". 

"And so, it really upends not only the sense of what happens in disaster, in these extreme moments, but I think it upends our sense of human nature, who most of us are and who we want to be. There’s enormous possibility in disaster to see how much people want to be members of a stronger society, to be better connected, to have meaningful work, how much everyday life prevents that. "

- Rebecca Solnit, "A Paradise Built in Hell" (quoted on the "Democracy Now" website 

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